Naveen Mohan

Safety Management Consultant, WCP®, CSPHA

General, Hospitality, Healthcare NJ, NY, CT
“My mother was an OR nurse for 40 years. She sustained a slip and fall injury which left her with slipped discs in her c-spine, a condition which, due to the inability to turn her neck adequately, prevented her from being able to do things like drive. Despite this, she never filed a workers’ compensation claim and never missed a day of work related to her injury. I remember watching her sleep in a manual cervical traction device and working through excruciating pain for several years. As my career in the insurance industry progressed, I knew this was an area I wanted to focus on. I truly enjoy collaborating with likeminded individuals who want to ensure a safe workplace by creating an environment in which people can go home the same way they came to work: healthy."

Naveen joined MEMIC in 2021 as a Safety Management Consultant. He brings with him several years of experience in the insurance industry specializing in disability, worker’s compensation, and risk management. His roles have included working as a subject matter expert for the nation’s third largest third-party administrator with clients in various industries. He has led stewardships pertaining to overall loss control as well as helping to implement return to work programs and best practice procedures. His clients have included retail companies, payroll and HR services, and transportation authorities. Naveen also has sat on committees to address safety culture and procedures within an organization. His training and education along with his own personal experience in health and fitness affords him a unique perspective allowing him to adapt to the various safety needs in any industry.

Naveen has a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences as well as vast clinical experience towards a Physician Assistant certification program.