Pandemic Recovery Safety Planning

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Developing a plan to work safely, while recovering from a pandemic, is a critical part of a business’s Emergency Response Plan. The policies and procedures put in place by an employer protect their workers, as well as the public, from the pathogen-related risk factors that continue to be present in the community.
The MEMIC team is here to support you and your workforce during these unprecedented employment times. Following are resources to assist you with creating or evaluating your business’s Pandemic Recovery Safety plan. If you have specific questions, contact your assigned MEMIC Loss Control Consultant.


Pandemic Recovery Safety Plan Template
OSHA Document - Protecting Workers During a Pandemic
OSHA COVID-19 Web Resources

ACGIH Document - Ventilation for Industry Settings During a Pandemic

Tips & Recommendations for Manufacturers During a Pandemic


Hospitality Resources

These hotel and lodging specific resources can help you to implement key policies and procedures to help protect your employees, your guests, and the public from pathogen-related risk factors.

The following resources are Microsoft Word documents, allowing you to customize them to your individual need. Please feel free to share these resources with your vendors and business partners.

Preparedness Checklist

Cleaning & Disinfecting Schedule Template

Employee & Job Exposures Checklist Template

Assessment Checklist Template - Front Desk, Housekeeping and Food & Beverage

Pandemic Recovery Safety Plan Template


Manufacturing Resources

Tips & Recommendations for Manufacturers During a Pandemic

Free Video: Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

Free COVID-19 Video

Thanks to MEMIC’s Video Lending Library provider AP Safety Training, this video is available for a limited time to all business owners to help during this difficult time. If you’re a MEMIC policyholder, you have access to our full streaming and mail order video library with 1,000+ training videos.

Watch Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

MEMIC Video Lending Library

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