Delivery Drivers

Delivery driver wearing masks and gloves in a box truck 

As more businesses continue to rely on offering delivery service to maintain operations, particularly in the restaurant business, it’s important to be aware of the inherent risks associated with these roles. Along with COVID-19 risk exposure, delivery drivers are also exposed to an increased risk of vehicle accidents resulting in serious injury.

The following resources should be shared and reviewed with delivery staff as part of your ongoing safety and health efforts.


Defensive Driving Handout – English

Defensive Driving Handout – Spanish

Defensive Driving Meeting Outline

CDC Workplace, School and Home Guidance

MEMIC Safety Net Blog: Delivery Driver Safety

Free Video: Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

Free COVID-19 Video

Thanks to MEMIC’s Video Lending Library provider AP Safety Training, this video is available for a limited time to all business owners to help during this difficult time. If you’re a MEMIC policyholder, you have access to our full streaming and mail order video library with 1,000+ training videos.

Watch Protecting Yourself from COVID-19

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