New Injury Reporting Portal

Faster, more accurate injury reporting means more time for MEMIC's claim specialists to help injured workers get the care they need.

MEMIC's new web-based Portal for online injury reporting is now available. The updated look, user-friendly design, and security enhancements provides policyholders with an overall improved experience.

  • More efficient claim processing workflow with automated claim assignment
  • Robust form fields help collect information MEMIC needs to process claims more quickly
  • Built in data validation and required field functionality ensures a more accurate injury report submission, resulting in an immediate claim number assignment
  • Form fields are pre-populated with system-stored company information: company address, locations, and class codes

New account registration is required to use the Portal. Please note: usernames and passwords for our old online injury reporting form are not valid in the new Portal. To register, you will need to enter a valid MEMIC workers’ compensation policy number and validate the following policy data:

  • State
  • class code
  • and zip code

Registering and validating the policy allows the injury report form fields in the Portal to be pre-populated with system-stored company information and it also triggers the display of required report form fields for the state where the policy is issued. This saves time and ensures a more accurate injury report submission, allowing MEMIC’s claim specialists to get to work helping injured workers get the care they need.

Supported Internet Browsers: The Portal is only supported in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. For optimum performance, we recommend using the new Portal in the latest version of Microsoft Edge. The Portal will also function in Google Chrome. The Portal is only supported in Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers.

Don’t Wait Until There’s an Injury to report—Register Now

You don’t need to wait until you have to report an injury to get set up in the Portal. Register now and be ready to go in the event you have an injury to report. Our Customer Service team is available to help get you set up if you need.
Check out the overview video for step-by-step instructions to register and submit an injury report in MEMIC’s new First Report of Injury Portal.

Check out the overview video below for more information about registering and submitting an injury report in MEMIC’s new First Report of Injury Portal, which will be available on October 6.

Report an Injury Online Now

Note:  Once an injury report submission is processed, a notification email will be sent to the provided email address. To protect the electronic sending of Confidential Information, MEMIC uses a passphrase-protected system from Symantec; for encrypting and electronically sending injury report and claim documents to our policyholders and their employees. If no email address is provided, the notification will be mailed.

pdf Email Protection System Setup Guide

Other Reporting Methods

Injury reports may also be submitted by phone, fax or mail.

Ways to Report an Injury

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