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Claim Supervisor

Location: Tysons Corner, VA 


General Summary:
The Claim Supervisor oversees specific unit personnel including Claim specialists, associates and assistants. Responsibilities include overseeing the unit activities while developing and implementing strategies related to the quality and function of the claim operation in an efficient, cost effective manner. Additional duties include but are not limited to: conducting reviews of individual work product within the unit to validate the quality, implement necessary remediation, and report the results. Accountable for maintaining reports and records relative to quality and claim file progress that pertain to the unit and programs, as well as reporting this information in an acceptable format to parties of interest. Will also work closely with the MEMIC Underwriting and Loss Control departments in order to support MEMIC’s growth plans and servicing needs by interacting with regulators, agents, vendors, customers and potential accounts as needed.


  • Develops and implements unit standards, programs, processes, and initiatives to assure quality claim files and commensurate results, and effectively communicate these to team members.
  • Measures, monitors and reports unit and function specific information in standard formats which will indicate patterns, trends, needs and areas of initiative relative to the unit and specific individuals within it.
  • Meets with regulators, agents, vendors, customers and potential accounts to report the unit’s ongoing programs and progress.
  • Conducts reviews of individual work product within the unit to validate the quality, implements necessary remediation, and reports the results.   
  • Collaborates with trainer to create, arrange and implement training programs related to the development and growth of the unit personnel and the department as a whole.
  • Creates, measures, monitors and reports mutually acceptable personnel development plans for those individuals directly reporting to them, at regular intervals.
  • Possesses a sound working knowledge of the claim system and best practices guide and instructs all team members in their efficient and expert use.
  • Prepares and presents statistical and measurement reports pertaining to the unit, in verbal and/or written form, to parties of interest, both internally and externally. 
  • Monitors and controls budget and claim expense items within the scope of assignments.


  • Bachelor’s degree or five plus years of management experience, or an equivalent combination of discipline specific education and leadership experience.
  • Effective written and oral communications related to claims discipline.
  • Must have high degree of working knowledge of all aspects of workers’ compensation insurance, laws and regulations as well as claim handling.
  • Retain an excellent understanding of the scope and application of Worker’s Compensation Law, while impacting the means and methods of claim investigation and management to associates.
  • Must possess a current compensation adjuster license in state where position resides along with licenses from other relevant jurisdictions, as needed.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office.
  • Strong leadership and supervisor experience a must. 

How to Apply:
 Please send your application to careers@memic.com. Our corporate recruitment team will review your application and contact you if you are a fit for our team.

 Applications should include the below:
  • Job title in the email subject line
  • Full name
  • Current location
  • Compensation requirements
  • Resume and cover letter attachments