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Workplace safety is our specialty

Video Lending Library 


MEMIC partners with Summit Training Source to offer a free video lending library. Summit Training Source is a worldwide leader in providing resources for safety, health and environmental training programs. As a result of this special partnership, MEMIC policyholders get:


  • Access to more than 250 videos
  • Online video previews
  • DVD option for many titles
  • A free facilitator's guide with each video/DVD
  • The ability to purchase on-line training courses at a discount
  • Important Note: Summit Training Source charges a $395 replacement fee if a DVD is not returned

Streaming Videos

With just a click of your mouse you have access to Summit's leading video library of over 300 titles, including foreign language training! Summit's effective video training programs are accessible from any computer that has a Web browser, with no need to download. Streaming Video offers many benefits, including:


  • Unlimited access to Summit's premier video library of over 300 courses
  • View from anywhere using a computer's Web browser
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easily train multiple shifts
  • Facilitator guide + quiz for downloading
  • PowerPoint Presentations

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Returning Videos
You are responsible for shipping the DVD or video back to Summit Training Source via Fedex or another traceable carrier. Mail to:

Summit Training Source
4170 Embassy Dr SE
Grand Rapids MI 49546