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Ergonomics - The perfect office (computer workstation)


  1. Posture when seated: the head should be over the trunk and pelvis in a balanced position.
  2. Chair should positively support the body. Thighs parallel to the floor, comfortable space behind the knee and lumbar support in the inward curve of the low back.  No perching.
  3. Screen three times brighter than overhead lighting. Eliminate any lights shining in your eyes. Provide on desk task light for paperwork.
  4. Keyboard just slightly below sitting elbow height.
  5. Mouse same level as keyboard and not outside of neutral shoulder position.
  6. Top of screen(s) are even with neutral sitting eye height. Align screen with eyes and keyboard.  
  7. If two screens are equally used, split the keyboard with the screens and angle to your eyes.  If dominant screen (viewed >65% of the time), place that screen directly in front of keyboard and flank the other. 
  8. Documents should be well lit and off the desk on an angled stand for easy viewing while maintain good head position.
  9. Headset for frequent  phone users.
  10. Stretch break! Get up and walk away from the computer and stretch.