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Harvey Picker Horizon Scholarship Program


What is it?
The Harvey Picker Horizon Scholarship Program was created to assist the children and spouses of workers who have died or suffered permanent disability due to a work-related injury. Any scholarship award is, of course, over and above the money MEMIC has paid in medical or wage replacement benefits to the injured worker. It is our hope that these scholarship awards for higher education may help fulfill the aspirations of those whose lives have been disrupted as a result of workplace injury or death.


Who qualifies?
Applicants must be the spouse or child of a worker who was insured through MEMIC at the time of his or her workplace injury. Applicants must be attending or be prepared to attend an accredited college or university.


How do I apply?
MEMIC is no longer accepting applications for the 2015 scholarship award. 

How will applicants be judged?

Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee. Applications will be reviewed for financial need, academic performance, community involvement, other life experiences, as well as future promise.


Finalists may be interviewed by committee.

How much money is available and how will funds be awarded?
MEMIC will make awards of up to $5,000 per  winner. The number of awards will be determined by the number of qualified applicants.


The scholarship will be awarded in the form of a check to the institution the award winner has determined he or she will attend.


Who do I contact if I have questions?

For more information, call MEMIC at 1-800-660-1306. At the name prompt, say “Horizon Scholarship.”