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Billing & Payments

Comp-As-You-Go Pay Plan 


Plan features

  • Works with your current payroll processing method including most payroll companies
  • No premium deposit required
  • Easy set-up—complete Insured Intent Form and your agent will send it to MEMIC along with ACORD Application
  • On-going customer service provided by MEMIC

No guesswork payments
The enhanced MEMIC Comp-As-You-Go pay plan allows you to pay your workers’ comp premium when you process your payroll. Whether you manually enter your data, use a payroll company or your own accounting software, Comp-As-You-Go is set up to work to upload data the way you want. The Comp-As-You-Go Portal also allows you to manage your uploads, securely set-up your bank accounts to make payments and access archived reports and payment history.

Click here for MEMIC's Comp-As-You-Go Information Sheet

Comp-As-You-Go Portal Access

Easy sign up
To get more information or to sign up for MEMIC's Comp-As-You-Go pay plan, talk to your agent today. They will have you complete an Insured Intent Form and once MEMIC receives it, you'll receive a welcome call to set-up your account.


Note: All policies will be subject to a final premium audit adjustment—however, the more accurate the payroll and classification reporting, the less likely there is to be a significant adjustment at audit.